Jacqueline | Registered Dental Hygienist

Jacqueline is a fantastic clinician with exceptional skills in dental hygiene. And a great smile, too! Jacqueline graduated from TCDHA in Toronto with high honours. During her studies, she developed a close connection with the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association as a member of their leadership program. She even had an article published in their Oral Health Canada magazine, sharing insight on surviving Dental Hygiene school! She utilizes a specialized set of dental loupes, eyewear which magnifies the field of vision, allowing an enhanced view of your oral cavity for assessment, evaluation and precision during your treatments. In turn, clients find her touch particularly gentle! Her knowledge and experience provide an exceptional foundation to serve you with the best hygiene care possible. if you have any apprehension about getting your teeth cleaned, Jacqueline excels at creating an environment to help put you at ease!

Jeffrey Gingras