Initial Comprehensive Dental Exam

The comprehensive new patient dental experience at Riverside Dental, begins by an introduction to the office and the staff. We will also get to know you and what your expectations are for your oral health. You will then be asked to provide us with some background information regarding your Medical History. This will be followed by an Extra/Intra Oral Exam (where we will check for pathologies, as varying as TMD, cancer, trauma, periodontal health and bruxism, just to name a few.) The dental assistant will then take a Full Mouth Series of X-Rays (usually 16 small x-rays of all the teeth.)

Once all the exams are preformed, we will review all the recorded findings with you on a large monitor. Here at Riverside Dental, we want you to see the findings yourself so that you can better comprehend the treatments proposed. At the end of the visit, the different treatment options will be provided and your questions will be answered. (The entire visit will be approximately 1 hour.)

We're happy to welcome you to our practice, and reserve your next visit with us! Get on your way to a great looking, healthy smile!

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Emergency Visit

Emergency Dentist Services we provide include: fixing broken teeth, loss of dental crowns, loss of  dental fillings, toothaches, dislodging teeth, taking out something between your teeth and if a sport injury has occurred to your teeth or gums. We also perform for all other dental care procedures.

When there is a dental emergency that involve our teeth or gingiva, even if minor, there could be an underlying problem that may need to be addressed and it could worsen with time.  It is important to contact us to get a professional dental evaluation to help minimize any damage to the teeth, gums and supporting bone structures. We want your mouth as healthy as it can be, and working as a team we can achieve optimum oral health results.

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HYGIENE “Cleaning” Visit

Regular appointments are vital for good health and prevention of problems and may include scaling (cleaning above and below the gums), polishing, x-rays, fluoride treatments, and home care hints. 

Regular appointments are a part of preventive dentistry - the practice of caring for one’s oral health to avoid future issues such as cavities, enamel wear, gum disease and other potential problems that are the result of poor dental hygiene. Dental X-Rays are a helpful technique used to detect areas of decay that may not be visible during a regular oral examination. X-Rays can also reveal more serious issues such as bone loss, cysts and infection. After an examination, your teeth will undergo a deep cleaning process that should include scaling and often polishing. . These are simple techniques that are crucial to maintaining a healthy smile. If you follow the proper guidelines for oral health, you will stay at very low risk of running into any oral health issues in the future.

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CHILDREN’s Dental Exam

Contact Riverside Dental with any additional concerns and/or to book your child's first fun dental visit. They'll get to receive stickers, toys from our treasure chest and get to play with some dental tools in order to become familiar with the dental setting. It is always better for the little ones to have their first few dental appointments fun-filled and preventative, as opposed to having fillings or other less comfortable procedures done. Children's Oral Care