What We Offer

Digital X-Rays

  • Significantly Less Radiation: Digital X-Rays give off up to 90% less radiation than regular film X-Rays.
  • Environmental Friendly: With digital X-Rays, there aren’t any toxic chemicals to expose   employees or patients to or to dispose of into the environment.
  • Instant Photos: Digital X-Ray images are available almost instantly to view with a patient or to electronically send to specialists or insurance companies.
No Mercury Fillings 


  • No amalgam: We only use composite or white filling material at the office. We believe that mercury is harmful for the environment and has the potential to cause health issues as well.

Paperless/Chartless Office

  • Less paper usage: Instead of using the usual charts which require large amount of paper we use a highly secure software to perform the charting of the patients.

Dry vacuum system

  • Less water usage: All dental offices need a vacuum system to suction the water from the dental chairs. Most vacuum systems are "wet vacs" and require thousands of liters of water usage/year. Our dental office utilizes a "dry vac" system which utilizes zero liters of water to function, hence preserving our precious water resources. "Dry Vacs" are usually more expensive to set up but at our office we believe in treating the environment as well as we treat our patients.

High Power dental Loupes

  • Improved visibility and diagnosis: You cant treat what you cant see. Dr Arin always uses magnifying dental loupes which allow for better visualization.