For an Emergency Visit

We will quickly gather your medical information and take you to the dental chair so that we can address your concerns at once.



For a Full Comprehensive New Patient Exam

The comprehensive new patient dental experience at Riverside Dental, begins by an introduction to the office and the staff. We will also get to know you and what your expectations are for your oral health.


You will then be asked to provide us with some background information regarding your medical history.


This will be followed by an extra/intra oral exam (where we will check for pathologies as varying as TMD, cancer, trauma, periodontal health, brauxism just to name a few).


The dental assistant will then take a full mouth x-ray of all your teeth (usually 16 small x-rays)

Once all the exams are performed we will review all the recorded findings with you on a large monitor so that you may see the findings yourself and better comprehend the treatments proposed.


At the end of the visit the different treatment options will be provided and your questions answered. (The entire visit will be about 1 hour.)


We will now reserve your next visit and you will be on your way to a great looking and healthy smile!