Meet Dr. Arin Ratavosi, D.M.D. 







Dr. Arin Ratavosi is a Toronto area dentist. Known to his patients as 'Dr. Arin", he is committed to providing general and cosmetic dentistry to patients from all walks of life. 


Besides providing comprehensive general and cosmetic dental care, he is also greatly accomplished in providing a calming atmosphere for patients with dental anxiety. 


A graduate of McGill School of Dentistry and the University of Toronto, he is an avid believer in ongoing continuing education. He has completed many certified courses in all aspects of dentistry with a particular focus in the fields of cosmetic, implant and orthodontic dentistry. 


 Dr. Arin loves exploring new restaurants in the city and is always in search of the next amazing Thai spot!

Meet Dr. Ross McMartin, D.M.D. 



Dr. Ross McMartin obtained his D.M.D. designation at the University of Manitoba in 2011. Born in Oakville, he moved to Winnipeg for 7 years, then returned to Toronto and has been providing dental care downtown ever since. 


Crown and bridge and esthetic composite cases are Dr. McMartin's strengths in addition to the broad scope of general dentistry he practices. 


He is a 4-year member of Dr. Suzanne Caudry's Implant Study Club and a member of the Academy of General Dentistry. 


He is well respected, confident and open-minded when it comes to your treatment options - if you have any concerns about your smile, Dr. McMartin is a great person to talk to! 


In his off time, Dr. McMartin loves spinning and dog-sitting his sister's puppy, Coco. 


Meet Dr. Arezou Hanson, Endodontist


Dr. Hanson is a highly skilled and detail-oriented endodontist with over 10 years of experience in the field. 


Endodontic specialists are trained to help save or prolong the life of your teeth through a number of different therapies, most commonly with root canals. She uses a high-powered surgical microscope throughout all of her procedures to ensure your treatment is performed with the utmost of care and precision.


Don't be scared if your dentist recommends a consult with Dr. Hanson - you're in great hands!


Meet Alannah (Office Manager and Registered Dental Hygienist)



Alannah is an office manager with a clinical background who has been with our team since 2012.


Since obtaining her designation as a Registered Dental Hygienist, she has been committed to lifelong learning and furthering her knowledge of the field in many aspects. She is passionate about mentoring other dental hygienists who have recently entered the field and loves to study dental specialties in her free time, including oral radiology and forensic dentistry.


She also has a background in dental administration and has expanded her understanding of the business of dentistry with a certificate from the University of Toronto in Dental Office Management to help make your experience at Riverside better.


Alannah is a major foodie - you can expect her to show up at almost every food and/or wine festival in Toronto, especially in the summer!


Meet Alicia (Dental Administrator)



Alicia loves to help patients with everything that she can, from booking your first appointment to making sure you can squeeze in that crown on your insurance before the end of the year that you've been putting off since 1993.


If you have any questions about your dental insurance, Alicia is the one to turn to!


Alicia has a both a cat and dog at home and is a huge animal lover! Don't hesitate to drop by the office when you're walking your dog next - she just might have some treats hidden under her desk!

Meet Jen (Dental Administrator and Registered Dental Hygienist)



Jen is a very friendly and knowledgeable dental administrator/dental hygienist who loves to learn everything there is to know about about dentistry!


She is skilled in interpreting your insurance and helping you with claim submissions, estimates, and co-ordination of multiple plans. And her experience as a hygienist makes her a great person to answer any questions you might have before or after your appointment!


Jen is an essential part of your welcoming you to our practice and is usually the first person you'll meet when at our Queen West location. Don't be shy to ask for a tour of the clinic!



Meet Laura (Registered Dental Hygienist)




Laura joined us in 2014 and is a joy to be around! Helping you achieve optimum oral health is her main priority and she is committed to patient education.


Previous to completing her designation as a Registered Dental Hygienist at George Brown College, Laura gained invaluable experience as a dental assistant and learned about many aspects of dentistry, including oral pathology and surgery.


Laura is passionate about helping patients on their journey to being happy with their smile and there’s no one better to help you get there.


If you love to travel, Laura will be your best friend - she's been all over the world and loves to hear where patients have travelled!

Meet Alex (Registered Dental Hygienist)


Alex has been with us since 2016 and is an irreplaceable member of our team.


She has a unique ability to calm even the most anxious patients - if you have any apprehension or fear of the dentist, Alex is the right hygienist for you!


Alex graduated from George Brown College on the Dean's List and her passion for continuing education keeps her on top of all the most recent developments in dental technology. Because of her love for understanding the science behind dentistry, she is always happy to explain your dental situation and educate you on how to improve your health.


Meet Jacqueline (Registered Dental Hygienist)




Jacqueline is a fantastic clinician with exceptional skills in dental hygiene. And a great smile, too! 




Jacqueline graduated from TCDHA in Toronto with high honours. During her studies, she developed a close connection with the Canadian Dental Hygiene Association as a member of their leadership program. She even had an article published in their Oral Health Canada magazine, sharing insight on surviving Dental Hygiene school!




She utilizes a specialized set of dental loupes, eyewear which magnifies the field of vision, allowing an enhanced view of your oral cavity for assessment, evaluation and precision during your treatments. In turn, clients find her touch particularly gentle! 




Her knowledge and experience provide an exceptional foundation to serve you with the best hygiene care possible. if you have any apprehension about getting your teeth cleaned, Jacqueline excels at creating an environment to help put you at ease! 



Meet Janine (Registered Dental Hygienist)

Janine is very passionate about dental health and loves building relationships with her patients.


She is dedicated to making sure you maintain your oral health and is always giving helpful tips on how you can improve your oral hygiene habits at home.


Janine's gentle touch and attention to detail make her a patient favourite here at Riverside Dental. And for anyone with kids, she loves treating entire families! Don't be shy to bring your little ones in for a meet and greet before their first appointment (Janine's tip: take them out for ice cream after!)!





Meet Sonam (Dental Assistant)



Sonam is the best dental assistant you’ll ever have the pleasure to meet!


She has extensive experience in all types of assisting and an excellent chairside manner that puts even the most anxious patients at ease. She is able to easily connect with patients with compassion and understanding to guide them through any dental procedure.


At Riverside and Dentistry on Queen West, Sonam is best known for her positive energy and warm smile!


Meet Clara (Dental Assistant)



Clara is a great assistant with a calming demeanor.


She’s great at helping to put you at ease during any procedure. Her experience in multiple disciplines (prosthodontics, implant surgery, and more) make her an essential team player at Riverside.


Let her know if you’re feeling nervous at your appointment!